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Our Concepts

Our Work

Digital Summit

Digital Summit Customer The innovation practice across the Mena region The first edition of the project was a 5-month project that started in November 2021. A consortium of 4 partners

Prototyping for green solutions

Prototyping for green solutions Customer Prototyping for green solutions Within the framework of the project “Strengthening national, regional and local capacities for coordination, prevention and response to the epidemiological and

Citizen-Centric Digitalization for Government

Citizen-Centric Digitalization for Government Co-creating the future of public administration In a world of constant change and digitalization, Citizen-Centric Digitalization for Government is created to stimulate and enrich the culture

Future U

Future U The virtual incubation program Future Islands launches its virtual incubation program for private universities. This program will allow students to develop their startup ideas using Future Islands’ tools

Ghodwa LAB

Ghodwa LAB غدوة LAB As part of a more comprehensive and complete mission to democratize innovative concepts, Future Islands launches the innovative “”غدوة LAB”” with this first workshop. Using “scenario


Our Customers Who Prefer Us on Brand Management and Strategic Consulting

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We have Certificates of Marketing Partners in Google, Facebook, Shopify