Learning from Heroes
in Green Innovation

Meet Our Heroes in Green Innovation, March 17, 6 PM GMT +1

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The Heroes

Here are some of our speakers

Speaker 1

Nada Trigui

former project coordinator of "Citizen Food Network" Tunisia

Speaker 2

Guizani Mokhtar

Assistant Professor at Hokkaido University Tunisia

Speaker 3

Amina Bintalib

Trainer at YLDF Yemen Yemen


Here is our event schedule

Welcome and introduction

Hero’s story from Nada Trigui ( Tunisia -Permaculture )

Hero’s story from Amina Bintalib ( Yemen )

Hero’s story from Guizani Mokhtar ( Tunisia , Tokyo )

Interaction and Questions


About "Innovation practice in the MENA Region"

The Digital Summit "Innovation practice in the MENA Region" aims at encouraging the democratization of knowledge sharing, forming new collaborations and empowering system thinking. The summit comes into two big events: “Practicing Design thinking for green innovation in the MENA region” held on 24 January and “Learning from Heroes in Green Innovation”. “Learning from Heroes in Green Innovation” is a panel where failure stories are highlighted. While everyone is celebrating success stories, this panel cherishes those stories where heroes are courageous, self-aware and open enough to share them. As an attendee, we want you to grasp the ground and the reality of the field . Innovation practice in the MENA Region is brought to you by Future Islands with its partners Changemakerxchange,sawaed19, Arab youth Sustainable development network, and Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar.


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March 17,
6 PM GMT +1

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Future Islands is an Innovation and research Lab where new and evolving approaches are developed to create innovative solutions for complex problems to enable a sustainable society. It supports companies, public institutions, and non profit organizations in designing, deploying, and evaluating innovation programs.