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Digital Summit


The innovation practice across the Mena region

The first edition of the project was a 5-month project that started in November 2021. A consortium of 4 partners from different countries: Futures Islands (Tunisia), Sawaed19 (Palestine), Arab youth sustainable development network (Yemen) and Arab youth climate movement (Qatar), joined forces and consolidated their expertise to create this innovation pathway.


5 months



Behind the project

This project aims to encourage the democratization of knowledge sharing, form new collaborations, and strengthen systems thinking that facilitates solving emerging problems in a sustainable manner through the practice of innovation. Subsequently, this digital project seeks to provide a space for youth to share their feedback on innovation practices in the MENA region, highlight the importance of innovation practices, and seek to equip them with the appropriate tools and approaches to shape a better future. In particular, the project aims to:

  1. Organize and design 2 days based on the needs of the target (non-profit sector, academia, public sector, and private sector) to address the practice of innovation in the MENA region for a sustainable future.
  2. Facilitate networking and connect local and international experts in the field of innovation management.
  3. Unlearn and relearn from failed stories/projects.

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