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Prototyping for green solutions


Prototyping for green solutions

Within the framework of the project “Strengthening national, regional and local capacities for coordination, prevention and response to the epidemiological and environmental impact of Covid19, We worked in partnership with the UNDP to identify four solutions that contributed to the crisis response by taking into consideration environmental issues.


Trainings, bootcamps, prototyping



Future Islands and our partners have created a “prototyping for green solutions” program in which we have accompanied the carriers of 4 solutions to concretize their projects and produce their prototypes through:

  • Training cycle; capacity building for project leaders and their teams so that they can acquire specific skills such as market research, negotiation techniques, etc.
  • Bootcamps: intensive workshops with coaches and trainers to prepare them to better present their projects and innovative ideas. At the end of each bootcamp, participants will pitch their projects to a jury. 
  • A prototyping period: participants will be on a mission to create their prototypes in order to go from an idea to a streamlined and structured project
  • Personalized support: a team is available to innovators to meet their specific and emerging needs (technical support, financial support, etc.)

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