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About Us

Future Islands is an Innovation and research Lab where we develop new and evolving approaches to create innovative solutions for complex problems to enable a sustainable society.

We support companies, public institutions, and non profit organization in designing, deploying, and evaluating innovation programs.

Turn voices into action

Involving everyone in every part of the process development, we work to help empower individual voices to invent solutions for their own challenges and turn it into positive action for a better future.


Preserving resources

We see the world as different, with numerous islands that are connected with oceans and seas. Getting in-depth, earth voices and heartbeats are heard to maintain the natural resources and sustaining them for future generations.


Shifting Power

We believe in shifting power and giving opportunity to every voice to build spaces of learning and experimentation for a sustainable future.


Local Knowledge

We believe in exploring and applying our ancestral knowledge and empowering every one's culture, Future Islands tap into the local knowledge and aspire from the local context for owned solutions.



We believe that islands are independent with a very rich system focused on designing and implementing projects and evolving solutions for a resilient community but at the same time islands will be connected through technology, knowledge and compassion with other islands that are outside their geographical space.



We believe that the future should be built by everyone,children, youth and old people, to design an inclusive world that guarantees equality and justice for all.


Transform Knowledge

Since Future Islands is coming from two different geographical space Berlin and Tunisia, it is a platform that brings the knowledge existing from the global south for the goal to consolidate and transform their knowledge and expertise globally, connecting the world with the local knowledge, we transform ancestors culture to build a better world.

Happy Clients



Hard Workers


Design and develop Innovation Programs

Put into practice a sector specific programs based on participation and collaboration. Develop the ecosystem and building up strategic partnerships. Co-design and facilitate event sessions such us hackathon, boot camps, innovation lab ect...

Studies and Diagnostics

Studies related to innovation ecosystems. Making diagnostics on innovation culture and on the innovation process at the institutional scale.

Training and accompaniment

Helps clients to develop effective and resilient practises. Carry out tailored accompaniment process for organisations sustainability.

Our Concepts

Involving end users, community members and partners in the process, our concepts are mainly to empower individuals to make a positive change in the community and to offer sustainable solutions to future generations.

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Fabriket Lafkar

Fabriket Afkar

Alternative School

Social Innovators network

Social Innovators Network

Community platform

Prototying for green solutions

Prototyping for green solutions


Digital summit

Digital Summit

Innovation Practice across The Mena Region

Life at Future Islands

We are a dynamic and passionate team that works to co-developing solutions for companies, communities and ecosystems to thrive together.

Khaoula Behi

Khaoula Behi

Founder & Facilitator
Ouissal Askri

Ouissal Askri

Operation Manager
Marwen Dridi

Marwen Dridi

Creative and Video Maker
Fida Bel Hadj Ltaief

Fida Bel Hadj Ltaief

Junior Management Consultant
Abir Turki

Abir Turki

Communication & Digital Marketing
Habib Bouallagui

Hbib Bouallagui

Graphic Designer

Saida Berraian

Finance Officer

Our Experts

Bochra Bel Hadj

Bochra Bel Hadj

Environment Expert
Walid Doghri

Walid Doghri

IT Expert

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